We are a boutique studio located in the beautiful Berkshires just over the NY/MA state line.  We left LA in 2008 in search of a better life and somehow landed right here in the Berkshires and absolutely love it.  We are a Nuke X driven shop creating visual effects for films and television.  We specialize in the invisible effects that are hidden within almost every scene in Film and episodic television.  Handling large amounts of clean up work, wire/rig removals, cosmetics, sky replacements, GS/BS work, and any other compositing needs.

Our Latest Work

Our last 2 years has been crazy busy, grabbing work from all our crazy fans!  Got season 5,6,7, American Horror Story, Daredevil, The Last Ship – season 3, The Devil You Know (HBO Pilot), Edge (Netflix Pilot), Black Knight Decoded, Creed, Central Intelligence, Bad Moms, Ben-Hur, Magnificent Seven, Lyra, Untitled Paranormal Project (WB), Infinite Loop to name a few…

 A little bit of background on Craig Crawford (Owner/compositing supervisor) is our artistic visionary who leads with a keen eye and an incredible work ethic.  Always delivering on time.  If you want top rate stunning visuals and dependability he is your man.  During the past 18 years of his career has been spent populating and bringing football stadiums to life in “We are Marshall”, “Leatherheads” and “The Express”, helped Speed Racer and his mach 5 automobile become the champion of the world. Most recently he jumped on board to help in the dramatic vampire transformations in DreamWorks stereoscopic feature “Fright Night” and helped Dominic and his crew ride that fine line between ruthless drug lord and relentless federal agent in “Fast Five”. He is a skilled, experienced compositor with over 13 years of feature film experience. Classically trained with a BFA from the well known college of D.A.A.P – University of Cincinnati, and later grabbing his MFA in computer arts before landing in the visual effects field. He has a true love for challenges within visual effects, a tremendous eye for color and composition with a technical mastery to match.

Our Latest Reel – Special thanks to many other companies we were fortunate enough to partner with – Sandbox F/X, Arch 9 Films, FuseFX, Shade VFX and ClearcutFX.